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My family picture, from Uruguay

My family roots by ship and plane. Our roots have mixed. All my family (minus my big brother) are now living in Montevideo, Uruguay, a little country between Argentina and Brazil.

My grandparents and their kids (my mother, my aunt and my uncle) were born in a little village in Galicia, Spain. My grandparents had a hard life, they decided to migrate to South America because of the poverty and the hunger. They never had the opportunities that I have had, but they gave to their descendants so much love and care that has carried out allowing us to live our life in happiness.  I could not imagine my childhood without my grandparents. I still can hear their voices, their accents, their food and their laugh.

This picture was taken two years before my grandparents (in the middle) passed away in 2010, just around the time my daughter was born. Presently, I can not imagine my life without her, she is the root of my life. I think that now I understand my grandparents.


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